Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bustard view

While waiting for calmer seas to head further north we all amused ourselves at Pancake Creek by daily visits to the football field sized low tide sandbar, dinghy rides around the creek and for the humans, a walk to the lighthouse.
The walk starts from the beach we were anchored off with a cruiser erected signpost "to the lighthouse". We crossed a strange patch of low land with dead trees, an area which must flood at low tide and followed markings until we reached a track in the scrub which led us uphill. It felt good to be bushwalking again!
After about an hour of walking we came across a small cemetary and the headstones showed numerous drownings in Pancake Creek. Like most lighthouse keepers, the good folk of Bustard Head would launch their rowboats whenever ships were in trouble in an attempt to rescue people, often without success.
A short stroll up the hill and we reached the lighthouse and numerous sheds and houses, with no people in sight. A little disappointing after the energy expended! The lighthouse does appear beautifully restored.
We wandered over the other side of the hill and found the views we were looking for.
looking south
looking back to Pancake Creek
We walked back up the hill and did a bit of bird watching before heading back (thankfully downhill) to Manatee.
enjoying the birds enjoying the view
heading down the track
We spent a few more days enjoying Pancake Creek before heading up to Gladstone.
Marg & Jacki chilling on the sandbank
Nana Pearl on the bank
creature created sand sculpture

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Sisterhoodlums said...

Is it calm yet? I'm wondering where yo are. I and some others took refuge at pancake on a return from Hamilton Island but only briefly.