Saturday, November 7, 2009

More to(n) the bay

We are still enjoying life in Moreton Bay with Bongaree in Pumicestone Passage, Bribie Island remaining our favourite place in this part of the world.
The original white inhabitants in this area were 3 'convicts' on the run from Sydney who washed up on Moreton Island after a storm in 'their' little open boat. Thinking they were still close to Sydney (must have been one hell of a storm!) they swam to Bribie to escape capture. The area years later was known for its 'cussedness'. Blimey.

eerie sunset in Pumicestone

beautiful one day, perfect the next-Skirmish Point

sand cliffs of Moreton Island

The weather up here seems very tropical for so far south- hot, hot, hot with amazing thunderstorms and sudden downpours. We now live with our hatch and boom covers up as do most cruisers in the area. The thick insulation to keep out the cold in Tassie works hard at keeping out the heat, but the deck can get very hot to walk on so we bucket lots of water over her so no one ends up with burnt feet/pads.

The girls love the walks around Moreton Bay, at low tide exploring is fun. It constantly amazes us that more boats aren't grounded during low tide.

mangrove Jack and side kick

great walks at low tide

hollows left by rays

The channels in some areas become very narrow, with markers being in a few inches of water. Exploring Cabbage Creek saw Manatee's bow rise as she swiftly grounded on a bank. They are usually soft mud and I can almost hear the thwaap as the mud releases Manatee. The bank at Cabbage Creek was so sticky, fishermen in a tinny dragged us off.

entering Cabbage Creek

We journeyed up to Mooloolaba to have a look, a beautiful spot but unless you stay in a marina (Lawries being popular, but a long way out of town) your choices are limited. The pile berths are in a perfect location just inside the breakwater but liveaboard cruisers cannot stay. Anchoring is also limited to days. Pity, but I can understand as it is such a beautiful spot.

pile berths

breakwater at Mooloolaba

Pearlie enjoying her trip

We are all well, with Idgi recovering from her adventure, Marg receiving intensive physio for her back and neck injury and AK picking up a bit of work.

It's a hard life being an old salt