Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy in Brissie

We've been on Brisbane's pile berths for a few months now and with this city view comes a very active social life. We've met some great people, with most now continuing on their journeys.

Peter and Michael came up from Murwillimbah for Pete's birthday in December and we spent a nice evening on the deck catching up on news, eating, drinking and enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. Pete still managed to get up for a run the next morning!

Mike, Marg and Pete making merry

We spent the evening welcoming in the new year on SV Tunis, a gorgeous huon pine 1940's yacht owned by Christine and Dennis with good food and great friends.

Christine and Dennis enjoying a laugh (now back in Tassie)

Americans Jeanine & Gordon, temporarily back in the US

Fabio from Cairns

We then sat on Manatee's deck with our friend Ex (whose partner was working) and the girls watching the fireworks.

In January Jan and her daughter Stevie visited while in Brissie for an art exhibition. It was also Jan's birthday so another night catching up, eating, drinking and having a fab time.

Then Marion and Epona visited for lunch, in town for Marion's birthday. So an afternoon spent catching up, eating and having a fab time!

In between socialising we have been working and studying and making some alterations to Manatee. We installed two 130 watt solar panels which led to buying a 12v fridge. We had a 240v fridge and a freezer which required the generator to be run which is not the most pleasant way to spend 'down time'. Fans have been a great addition in Brissie's heat which is hot, warm, hot. Mould and keeping it at bay has been an interesting exercise and one which we have not won, yet.

In January we also spent a few days out in Moreton Bay, anchoring around Mud and Green Islands where we cleaned the hull, patch painted some scratches and relaxed and dreamt of deserted Isles further north. An idyllic location and only in Moreton Bay can you find deserted islands with crystal clear water filled with fish and golden sands with not another soul to share it, mostly, well during the week anyway. Jen also made a flying visit and managed to catch a quick swim before heading back to Sydney after a night of catching up, eating, drinking and having a fab time.

From the top: Jen after a dip. Mud Island which is
mostly coral and Green Island ahh paradise

We also had flying visits from Greg, Mardi, Lesley and Marion and Epona who joined us for dinner in Chinatown. It's always fantastic to catch up with friends.