Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here are some of the photos Victoria took while she was visiting.....
Marg on Manatee's jetty.
Idgi pleased with her visitors
AK & Marg pleased with their visitors
Vic was also able to download some pics off our ruined camera.....
Manatee & another Tas boat on the public moorings at Nelson Bay...yep that is the beach in the foreground

as the weeks roll by.......

So what have we been doing since our last update you may well ask........

Marg, AK and Pearl went to Southport (by car) with stuff for the storage area that we had left with Aunt Joan. We also did a re-arrange of Manatee's storage areas with a "do we really need this" question on most things. Stuff, like books that AK isn't ready to part with, also went to the storage area. We took the opportunity to inspect our unit at the same time.
On our way back we stopped at Yamba overnight to check out the town, river and marina for our expected stay there. The town is still relatively laid back, the river is clean with good anchoring spots and the marina is huge. It was bought by Kay Cottee (solo around the world) and Peter Sutton (her husband) a few years ago and they have added a art gallery which was closed when we visited. There is a great little cafe attached and the place feels secure and clean. There is a little chandlery and a good hard stand where Derek had silver cloud out for a soda blast. The local papers talked of a proposed marina at Grafton which appeared to have the support of locals as a way to garnish the tourist dollar.

Jacki and Ruby stayed with Jean and June, sisters who live at RossGlen on an acreage. June is a dog whisperer so the girls came home very content (and better behaved!) Idgi stayed on Manatee to keep things in order. While we were away a southerly blast came through overturning dinghy's and creating havoc. Luckily we had pulled Ini on to the deck before leaving!

a good spot to anchor at Yamba

The following weekend Victoria and Phil visited from Sydney. They stayed at Diamond Head caravan park which is across the river and down a bit from Manatee. Everyone was excited to see them, so we took them to our favourite spots.......

Dunbogan beach...

art by the river.....

the river walk to North Haven (and Sandbanks Cafe!)

We also drove through to the National Park camping area at Diamond Head as Victoria has fond memories of the area and is aways on the lookout for the perfect place for camping. This spot is a little disappointing as it has got very popular so looks like a caravan park at times.

After waving farewell on Sunday we took a day off before embarking on our next project.....

the bathroom (or head).

There has been a small leak as the area didn't appear to be properly sealed. Manatee's previous owner had re-designed the area, making it smaller to give the saloon and galley more room. It is still large enough for us, but the leak gave AK nightmares.

So for the rest of the week out came the toilet, part floor, wall linings, basin etc. It appeared that the leak had caused some rusting of the floor out came the saloon...table, couch and supports. Luckily the rust didn't extend far.

On Thursday Marg had her appointment with the specialist for her carpel tunnel. He warranted it important enough to operate on the following Monday...aargh! Marg hates hospitals but the pain was unbearable.

We then had a call from Lesley who wanted to visit with a friend...aargh....had to be this weekend...aaaargh. Thinking there was something important happening AK succumbed and spent Friday and Saturday morning putting the saloon back together while Marg assisted best she could and hurried around looking for a cottage to recuperate in for a few days. We realised she wouldn't be able to get off Manatee at low tide. Without a bathroom she would need to get off lots!

Monday came, the operation went well and we moved into a little holiday cottage at
the view from the lounge room...a great place to recuperate
Marg tolerated AK's cooking for a few days and spent time sleeping and recovering. The girls went to June's as it was too hard for them to keep quiet at the cottage that allowed no pets! Idgi stayed on Manatee to keep things in order. AK kept working on the bathroom.....sanding and treating the rust, rebuilding the floor, building a pedestal for the new electric toilet, to be upgraded from a manual.
We drove to Coffs Harbour for the day as it is the closest chandlery to pick up the new toilet and the bits and pieces needed to attach it to the holding tank. We also bought a new small sink to replace the largish one we had. We decided to reposition the toilet next to the sink to give more room for the shower and to take advantage of Manatee's sloping sides.
Marg was impressed by the marina at Coffs, the area is quite beautiful and we can't wait to get close to the Solitary Islands.
Idgi wanted to stay at the cottage as the bathroom project was taking longer than expected. We had a spell of wet weather and everything took longer so we extended our time at the cottage.
We have just moved back on to Manatee and what a relief it is to be home. Life on land doesn't seem to suit us anymore. We watched far too much TV! The bathroom, although not yet finished, is going well. The new floor and pedestal has been fibre glassed (what a yucky job that is) part way up the walls to ensure no leaks. The shower plumbing has been reconnected with no leaks..yeah.
Marg is having her other hand operated on 8th Dec so she will be mobile for the large Xmas AK's family is planning.
So even though it has been ages since the last update, there has been lots happening!