Friday, August 1, 2008

Manatee trots to Toronto (Tronto)

Monday brought ferocious weather. AK & Margot felt a dinghy ride to shore would be hairy so decided to berth at the marina at Lake Macquarie Yacht Club. For the second time in our Lake Macquarie visit another yacht sped in front of us to take the last possible spot! Maybe Manatee doesn't like the marina life. We turned her toward Toronto hoping to find shelter from the wind and waves. Half way across the lake the water became calm so we stopped at the public jetty and filled our water tanks. We then moved to the pool which has cleats around its edges for boats to tie up to (Denise says as the result of a wooden boat show held at Toronto every year).

Manatee tied up at Tronto pool - the Norfolk Pine in the foreground was planted in memory of Marg's brother Warren who died in 1989.

Marg spent her early years at Tronto, learnt to swim in this pool and her father Harry taught local kids to swim in this pool. We spent a few days and nights here and had a great time. Idge went exploring at night (too old and slow to hunt these days but she does like to gaze at the night sky) and came back very frisky in the early hours. Ruby thought our many visitors were coming to see her and would run out and greet everyone who came onto the jetty.

It was a very busy few days.....every retired Tronto man came to visit us and chat, the TV show that features Matt Moran was filming in the park and in a restaurant opposite ( a camera operator stripped off and filmed waist deep in the lake-maybe to make MM look like he walks on water??) and most kids that walked past wanted to see the doggies on the boat. A pelican stopped off in the pool for a day and a duck duo waddled around the waterfront.
Once the weather looked like clearing we hightailed it back to Belmont to use the yacht club facilities to do an engine oil change and give the engine a look over. We hoped to leave the lake and head to Port Stephens on Thursday.

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